Halo Needler replica is a cosplay dream

Sometimes when we see awesome replica weapons that have motorized actions and lots of slick touches to make them look just like the weapons from games, they are custom units that you can't have. That isn't the case with this very cool Halo Needler replica that you can own if your wallet can sustain the damage.

The replica is from a company called NECA Toys and it has motors, light, sound effects, and motorized needles that move around when you press the trigger. This is more of an adult collectible or a cosplay item that is highly detailed, expensive, and has pointy objects sticking out of the top than a toy you would buy for a kid.

It doesn't look like something you would want to put in the hands of young kids to run around the house playing with. Power for all the lights, sounds, and moving bits come from a set of four C-cell batteries. NECA Toys worked with Microsoft and 343 Studios to build this replica using the same 3D models used in the game.

That means it is as accurate as you can get without becoming a digital character and getting into the game in Tron-like fashion. The Needler is $300, not exactly cheap but that is a pittance for a hard-core cosplayer who needs an exact replica or a gamer that collects replica weapons.

SOURCE: Gizmodo