Halo Infinite box art revealed ahead of Xbox Series X game showcase

Tomorrow is a big day for the Xbox Series X, as Microsoft is planning to reveal a slate of first-party games in development for the next-generation console. One of the games that we know will be on display tomorrow is Halo Infinite, which is releasing later this year on Xbox One and as a launch title for Xbox Series X. Today, ahead of Microsoft's games showcase, 343 Industries has revealed the box art for Halo Infinite.

At first blush, the box art seems to be something of a throwback to the original Halo: Combat Evolved box art. The longer you look at the image, though, the more you spot. For instance, there's the fact that Master Chief is standing on a damaged Halo that's still maintaining its structure. There are also some Forerunner structures in the background, a crashed fighter, and a Pelican flying behind Master Chief.

There are even some changes to Master Chief himself. Specifically, fans have homed in on a seemingly new attachment on his left arm. Perhaps this is the rumored grappling hook that the Chief is said to be getting?

Time will tell on that front, but hopefully tomorrow we get plenty more context concerning Halo Infinite's box art and what it depicts. While Microsoft's games showcase tomorrow will cover many of the upcoming games from the developers under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, Halo Infinite will definitely be the headliner of the show.

Microsoft's showcase kicks off at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT tomorrow, July 23rd. We'll be covering the event right here at SlashGear, so be sure to check back tomorrow for all you need to know from the show.