Halo Free Gold Days - Three days of Xbox Live Gold courtesy of Best Buy and Bungie

Here's some good news for Xbox 360 owners, thanks to an effort between Bungie and Best Buy, you're going to have 3 days of Xbox Live Gold access.

Why in the world would Best Buy and Bungie be paying for 3 days of Gold for everyone? Because they're teaming up to launch Halo 3. No, you don't have to buy the game or go to the store for your free days, just hop on with your 360. The three days you're looking for are September 25-27, so try and schedule those off from work now.

For those that wander onto Best Buy's website on those days , you'll be able to enter into a contest to win one of 144 prize packs that include 8,000 Microsoft Points. Those winners will go on to be entered for the big prizes, a Samsung home theater system and a Halo-branded Pontiac G6 GXP Street Edition.

Bungie and Best Buy team up to offer "Halo Free Gold Days" [via opposablethumbs]