Halo brain-zapping headband aims to boost intelligence

We've seen various kinds of headbands that use electricity for some purported result: the Foc.us tDCS we reported on about this time last year, for example, and the electrode-toting Cefaly headband, which aims to treat migraines. The latest among them is one called Halo (not to be confused with the game), which uses electricity to (potentially) make you smarter.

Halo is the work of Halo Neuroscience, which was just recently backed by Marc Andreessen for a seven-figure sum. The device is currently in prototype form, but with the funding it will be developed further and is slated for clinical trials this summer.

Halo Neuroscience was founded by Daniel Chao, Amol Sarva, and Brett Wingeler. Both Wingeler and Chao have a history in the industry, having worked with the company NeuroPace, while Sarva drew his inspiration from reading an article about transcranial stimulation and potential benefits to intelligence.

The eventual result was the formation of Halo Neuroscience and the Halo headband ambitions. Intellectual property concerns and others have kept the trio from discussing their headband at length for now, but they say earlier prototypes were made using supplies from RadioShack.

SOURCE: The Verge