Halo 5 teasers hint at traitorous Master Chief

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 23, 2015, 1:57pm CDT
Halo 5 teasers hint at traitorous Master Chief

Halo 5: Guardians is being hyped with an alternate reality game that — based on the teases dropped so far — is hinting at something big: Master Chief might be a traitor. Such information has been gleaned by rabid fans from across the Internet as they pick apart teaser videos, websites, audio, and more. The word “traitor” has made an appearance more than once, and one teaser video in particular seems to tell a story using a series of individual words flashed at a nearly imperceptible rate on the side of a bullet.

Below is the video in question, and if you’re not paying much attention, it looks like a simple short teaser. You’ll notice a word or two flash by on the bullet, however, as it zooms past, and the word “traitor” is clearly one of them, as shown on the video’s thumbnail image.

You’ll not be able to spot all the words by playing the video, but some industrious Redditor has already picked through the video and grabbed shots of all the words for us. You can see them below shown in the order they flash by on the screen…and that word order itself seems to tell a story, with the newest part of that story being at the very end. Traitor

That’s not the only clue, however. The first episode in what looks to be a running audio series has also been posted on SoundCloud (listen here) where fictional journalist Benjamin Giraud casts doubt on Master Chief. If you’re not familiar with Halo 5, be sure to check out the timeline below for more details!

SOURCE: Kotaku

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