Halo 5 comes with 9GB day 1 patch

There's no doubt that Halo 5 is one of the most highly-anticipated titles of the year. If you're excited about picking it up, popping in the disc, and playing straightaway, though, you're in for a little disappointment. As is the trend these days, Halo 5 is getting a day 1 patch, and it's a doosey: according to 343 Studio's Josh Holmes, you can expect a 9GB download once the game drops.

So what's in the patch? Holmes states that the download includes multiplayer map content. Specifically, for the Arena multiplayer mode and 12v12 Warzone modes. So why choose to release a giant patch, rather than include it on the disc? Well, the extra time could have allowed the developers to do some final tweaking and balancing to the multiplayer modes.

However, the most likely reason is that the content simply wouldn't fit on the disc. The digital download for the game is 46GB, and one can assume that the disc would contain the same amount of data. With that in mind, the extra 9GB of multiplayer content simply wouldn't fit on a single disc.

If you're worried about getting stuck with that massive download when the game drops on October 27, there is good news. If you choose to go the digital download route, you'll actually be able to get started on the patch a full five days early. Just make sure that you either power on your console, or leave it on "Instant On" mode, and it will get started on the patch as early as October 22nd.

Those choosing to purchase the physical game will need to wait until launch day, unfortunately. If you're still eager to game immediately, you can always take your console offline, and play through the single player mode, and let the patch download once you finally decide to sleep for the night.

VIA Eurogamer

SOURCE Josh Holmes