Halo 4 reintroduces us to Master Chief tomorrow

Just a reminder for all of you Halo fans out there: Halo 4 will be launching in the US just a few hours from now. Starting at midnight local time, Halo 4 will become available all across the country, giving players a chance to continue the story after the 5-year absence of Master Chief. 5 years might as well be an eternity when we're talking about video games, so it's easy to see why many gamers are eager to catch up with the Chief.Halo 4 picks up a number of years after the events in Halo 3. Throughout the game, Master Chief battles a dangerous new enemy, and to make matters worse, Cortana is quickly becoming "rampant," due to a longer-than-normal lifespan for an AI. It sounds like the game has a pretty thrilling story, but there's also the multiplayer mode to tackle, which comes with a number of changes too.

For instance, the multiplayer mode now features experience points and customizable loadouts. Hearing all of that, it's understandable that a number of fans have been hesitant to embrace Halo 4 in the same way they welcomed Bungie-made Halo titles. Thankfully, it seems that 343 Industries has delivered a Halo game worthy of being placed alongside the others in the series, as the game currently sports a score of 87 out of 100 on Metacritic.

In just about 8 hours (depending on where you live in the country), fans of the series will get the chance to find out for themselves if Halo 4 is any good. Hopefully this is the beginning of a hot streak for 343 Industries, as it would be great to see the studio put out more great Halo games in the future. Are you ready for Halo 4?