Halo 3 Beta Not Quite as Open as Thought

Lynnsie Nguyen - Nov 30, 2006

Bad news for everyone looking forward to getting their hands on Bungie’s Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta this upcoming spring: Microsoft has revealed that the test will not be a true public beta; instead, users will need to “register for the opportunity to be one of the select members.” So, unless you’re quick, it’s possible that you might need to wait until Fall to enjoy Halo 3 in all its glory. So, how does one register? Hit the jump to find out!

To register for the trial, all you need to do is go to halo3.com and register on December 4th, assuming that the halo3.com server doesn’t have a minor stroke attempting to handle all the requests. From there, Microsoft will select a number of applicants to serve as their testers. The upside to this is that Microsoft is unlikely to charge “admission” if the group is so strictly controller, so those who do get picked will be able to enjoy the beta without being charged. So get ready; December 4th isn’t that far off, boys and girls, so get your war gear ready.

[via IGN]

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