Halo 2 Anniversary rumors run rampant

Halo is undoubtedly one of the most successful franchises in the gaming world. Halo has been an Xbox exclusive. The game has been offered on the PC, but it has never been offered on a game console outside the Xbox realm. Fans of the franchise are always on the lookout for details on new entries to the franchise.

Rumors have been running thick in recent weeks about a new game thought to be called Halo 2 Anniversary. Recently a new round of rumors and anxiety about when the game will land came after Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer tweeted a response to a question from a fan. The fan asked specifically about Halo 2 anniversary.

Spencer didn't confirm or deny the game. He remarked that he doesn't mind questions about what is coming, but that they need news at events and can't always comment. That seems to hint details about Halo 2 Anniversary might be coming at a Microsoft event.

It would be easy enough to come away with the thought that perhaps at the next big Microsoft event, say E3, that we might get some details on the long anticipated game. Microsoft has said nothing concrete so far.

In fact, a spokesperson pointed out that other than saying Halo will hit the Xbox One in 2014; there are no other announcements to make. A Microsoft exec recently denied that it would be making a cheaper disc-free version of the Xbox One.