Halloween theme stations hit Pandora

I used to work with a woman that had to have music for whatever the season was playing in her office constantly. During Halloween, it was stuff like the Monster Mash constantly. I also live in a neighborhood where some of the people go all out for decorating on the holidays with smoke, flames, and spooky music. If you are the all out sort, there isn't any need to buy a CD this year if you are on Pandora.

Pandora has announced hat its Halloween themed section is now available to listen to. There are eight different Halloween themed stations to choose from. The selections include Halloween, Halloween Party, Spooky Symphonies, Children's Halloween, Ghostly Grooves, Witch House, Goth, and Industrial.

Apparently, there is enough music for anything from a kid's Halloween party to sound effects for your outdoor spooky display for trick-or-treaters. You can listen to the music right if you have an account.