Halide’s hit camera app launches on the iPad for some reason

Brittany A. Roston - May 18, 2021, 7:11pm CDT
Halide’s hit camera app launches on the iPad for some reason

Tablets are great in certain situations, but mobile photography is not one of them. Many people have found themselves stuck behind a person whipping out a giant tablet to take pictures at an event, blocking the view of everyone behind them while simultaneously capturing sub-part photos. If you’re one of those people, Halide has a new app for you.

Halide is known for its popular iPhone camera app, giving mobile photographers access to more features than they get from the stock app or most competing third-party apps. Halide offers features like ProRAW support, manual and depth modes, focus assist, and other ‘pro’ features.

The company has announced that you can also now download Halide for the iPad; it offers all of the features you’ll find on the iPhone version of the app, plus what it says are a ‘few special ones’ that take advantage of the tablet’s larger display. The iPad interface is custom to the tablet and includes a Pro View for serious mobile photographers.

Of course, one must ask why someone would want to capture photos using the iPad — it’s easy to see the appeal of editing them on the larger display, but shooting them with the tablet’s camera is questionable. The latest iPad Pro brings a notable camera system, but even then, most of the focus is on the front-facing camera and its usefulness for things like video chats.

Of course, if you want the option to shoot a decent image from your iPad when a situation calls for it (perhaps your phone battery has died and the perfect scene has appeared only moments later), then Halide is no doubt one of the best third-party camera options for Apple’s tablet.

Halide for iPad can be purchased outright for $39.99, but also comes with a $1.99/month subscription option or an $11.99/year option.

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