Half-Finished Radio Is Opportunity For Self-Expression

Modding computers is all very well, but it's a bit niche – I can't exactly see my mother picking up the Dremel and adding a window to her computer (or her kettle, for that matter) – what's needed is an easier way for people to imprint their individuality on an object.  That in mind, the wouter Geense Design Studio present the Tune 'n Radio, a simple FM radio that comes without aerial or speaker-holes, and with only rudimentary controls.

New owners must decide for themselves what might be the best aerial – aesthetically and technically – where to punch the holes and what items to use as controls.  wouter Geense describe it as a canvas that, once decorated, a user feels bonded to, in effect a little bit like spray-painting your initials on your cat.

wouter Geense [via Neatorama]