Haier presents 55-inch "completely wireless" 3D TV

Chinese brand Haier recently presented a large 55-inch 3DTV that's truly wireless. It uses the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) technology to stream content and magnetic resonance to power the TV. A prototype of the Haier Completely Wireless TV was on display at CES 2012, but the company doesn't have plans for commercial release just yet.

We've seen wireless TVs using WHDI before, but this new prototype from Haier may be the largest, boasting a 55-inch LCD panel. Both video signals, including 3D video data, and electricity are transmitted wirelessly to the TV.

A power-receiving coil sits near the bottom of the TV while a power-transmitting device is stored in the stand below the TV. The distance between the bottom of the TV and the power-transmitting device is said to be about 8 inches.

[via TheVerge]