Hackers take advantage of unknown flaw in Internet Explorer to attack web users

Computer users are vulnerable to all sort of attacks that seek to steal personal information or install nefarious software on PCs. At times, the attacks target flaws in the computer operating system and at times, they target other software on the machine such as the web browser. Hackers have attacked web users recently using an unknown flaw in Internet Explorer.

Before the attacks were executed, the flaw that was exploited was unknown. The attacks were discovered by a security company called FireEye. The attacks targeted Internet Explorer 10 from Microsoft and the security firm says that thousands of machines could have been infected.

Hackers that gained access to the US Veterans of Foreign Wars website reportedly inserted a link that redirected visitors to a web page that ran malicious code. That code infected Flash software from Adobe. FireEye says that the attackers are thought to be trying to get information from computers of former and current military personnel.

The attacks are said to use some of the techniques that were previously attributed to groups from mainland China. Researcher Darien Kinlund thinks that one possible goal of the attack could be to place a backdoor on the computers of site visitors in hopes of collecting military intelligence. Microsoft is investigating the attack and promises to take action to protect IE users.

SOURCE: Reuters