Hackers may have compromised source information of RIM, Nokia, & Apple

A document was found from a hacking group known as 'The Lords of Dharmaraja' that could compromise important information of RINOA SUR(RIM, NOKIA, and Apple). An image of the document describes RINOA SUR had provided the Indian military with source code information of many software companies. And apparently, RINOA was providing backdoor access for the ability to operate within India.

Symantec was also said to have source information leaked, but they confirmed that the info was from code used in much older versions of their software. Though they say that branch has been discontinued, hopefully they patch any vulnerable holes; everyone doesn't have the latest Norton AV software.

The worst part of all this is that the hackers have access to the Indian Military's Intelligence servers. We'll see where it goes from here – and what statements the India's military has to say.

[via ComputerWorld]