Hackers make Panasonic GH2 micro four-thirds camera record 176Mbit video

If you are a hard-core camera geek, you may be the sort that is into hacking firmware to give your camera the features you wish the maker had given it from the factory. There have been some interesting hacks put forward for the Panasonic GH2 in the past and the latest that has surfaced makes the camera video quality much, much better.

Out of the box, the GH2 can record video in 24Mbit AVCHD format full HD resolution video. For some of us that is plenty of quality, but others want more. This new hack has cranked the GH2 up a bunch of notches and lets the camera record 176Mbit AVCHD Intra video. That Intra tagged onto the back is a huge change.

AVCHD grabs only some of the frames from the sensor to make the video. AVCHD Intra on the other hand will grab every frame from the sensor making video look better when played back. You can see a video below from a user going by Driftwood that was shot using the GH2 in 176Mbit AVCHD Intra and see what you think. How exactly you apply this hack isn't mentioned in the video.

[via 43rumors]