Hackers have broken into the two most important science labs in the US

James Allan Brady - Dec 7, 2007

The first is Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which I assume is somewhere near Oak Ridge Nuclear facility in Tennessee. The second was the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the famous site of the A-Bomb testing and development.

What did they steal from the Oak Ridge lab? A complete visitors database from 1990 to 2004 including SSN numbers and birth dates, with 3000 of the nations best researchers visiting the lab each year, lets just say they pretty much have a Who’s Who of the science community now.

Nothing has been said about what was taken from the Los Alamos lab, but there was an attack and it seems likely it was successful at least to some extent, word is there were probably also attacks on other labs in the US. Hopefully nothing more important than the guest list was taken, but due to greed, or leverage, the guest list with SSN numbers might be sufficient to get what they really want, it’s quite sad to think that simply signing in to help the US with some research might have some effect on your life days, or even years later.

Hackers Launch Major Attack on US Military Labs [via pcworld]

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