Hackers access Epsilon email database exposing email addresses

Spam really, really sucks. None of us likes to get an email box full of ads from online pharmacies and other junk that no one really wants. One of the largest email marketing companies around that handle email lists for major companies like JPMorgan Chase & Co, Kroger, Capital One Financial, and TiVo has notified the companies that its email database has been breached.

Apparently, the breach occurred on March 30 and exposed the email addresses of the users the company markets too. That will likely mean if you use services for many of those firms you will be getting more spam than usual. Epsilon says that the information was hacked from the outside

An Epsilon spokesperson named Jessica Simon has declined to say how many other firms might be affected in the breach. Apparently, Epsilon is still investigation and offered no details on law enforcement agencies that are involved.

[via Bloomberg]