Hacker sells access to Army website for under $500

When it comes to information security I think most of us expect that the government here in the US and governments abroad would take some significant precautions to be sure that the websites for various agencies and military branches were secure. That isn't always the case though.Financial Feed reports that late last week a security vendor called Imperva found that a hacker had gained access to the US Army Communications-Electronics Command website and was selling that access to other hackers for under $500. The hacker also claims to control other military, government and university websites.

The control would allow other nefarious types to get personal details about users that are stored in databases at the website. The security firm also states that it appeared the information on 300,000 people had already been stolen. Some of the government websites that are available include some from the states of Michigan and Utah as well of Italian government websites and a DoD website that works with the Department of Veterans Affairs to get prescription medications for vets.