Hacked 2GB Flash Drive will draw stares

Brenda Barron - Sep 2, 2008
Hacked 2GB Flash Drive will draw stares

It seems like I’m posting about a new crazy flash drive everyday, but they’re just too darn funny to pass up. Like Hacked! by Fred. This nifty flash drive is sure to back up your data and attract attention.

While this USB drive will certainly hold up to 2GB of data, the real stand-out part is the shredded cable hanging off the end of it. Instead of a flash drive, this one resembles a USB cable that’s seen better days.

What started as a concept design, will now actually be available for purchase starting at the beginning of this month. What I like is this flash drive isn’t the standard 1GB for a novelty item. You get a little more space but that doesn’t exactly justify the $49.99 price tag. However, a good gag is a good gag, and this one’s pretty good.

[via ChipChick]

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