Hack - Turn one giant 6V battery into 32 AA batteries

If you're desperate for some spare AA batteries, you'll be able to find some in the most unlikely of places. Inside a much larger 6V battery.

I'm sure you've had a giant flashlight that has used one of these big boys before. Well if you take off the label and pry off the top of certain brands such as the one pictured above, you'll find 32 AA batteries. Pretty cool, huh?

Unfortunately, while you'll feel like a kid a Christmas, don't expect the batteries to last you too long. They're the cheap-o batteries that you'll find at your local dollar store. It may save you a few bucks, but you'll save more in the long run if you just get rechargeables.

Hack: Extract 32 AA Batteries From a Single 6 Volt Battery [via gearfuse]