Habey new and tiny BIS-6620-IV ultra-compact PC supports 1080p

Habey has unveiled a new and very compact computer that can fit in the palm of your hands and offers enough performance for HD video playback without taking up much space. The new computer is called the Habey BIS-6620-IV and runs an Atom Z5xx family processor.

The tiny little computer measures in at 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5" and uses an Intel US15W chipset with GMA 500 graphics. The machine is capable of decoding 1080p HD video and has a single DDR2 RAM slot supporting up to 2GB. Storage inside the machine is to a tiny 1.8" SATA HDD or a small SSD.

There are five external USB ports on the little PC and a single internal USB port as well. Connectivity includes HDMI with support for full 1080p, PSC keyboard and mouse ports, and a CF slot and SD card reader. The machine has an integrated Gigabit Ethernet port and WiFi is optional and would presumably be crammed inside the machine using that internal USB port. The little computer can run Windows XP Embedded, XP, 7, Vista, and Linux.