Gyration offers up new Air Mouse Elite perfect for your HTPC

One of the biggest problems with putting a computer in the living room for some users is finding a way to store and use the mouse and keyboard needed for navigation. Gyration has announced a new product today called the Air Mouse Elite that doesn't need a desk or surface to work.

The mouse responds to your normal hand movements, sort of like the Wii Remotes do for playing games. The mouse can also be used by business types who give presentations for navigation slide shows and menus. Accuracy for the Elite is assured with a small gyroscope inside the mouse that measures the angle and speed of movement.

This gyroscope allows the Elite to move the cursor on screen between two points with ease. The mouse weighs 3.3 ounces so it won't put a strain on you during long presentations or marathon surfing sessions. For times when you want to work at a desk, the Air Mouse Elite will work on a desktop as well. Connectivity is via RF with a range of 100 feet. Gyration will offer the mouse "in the coming weeks" for $99.99 or for $149.99 when bundled with a wireless keyboard.