Ricoh GR III Gallery

Ricoh GR III Gallery

Ricoh has built a reputation among street photographers with its GR series, so the stakes for any new model are high. The Ricoh GR III addresses some of the common requests made of its predecessor, the GR II, while sticking close to the core recipe that makes the cameras a success. In fact, it’s smaller than before, and tips the scales at just 257 grams with a battery and SD card.

Hardware-wise, there’s now a 3-inch touchscreen and USB Type-C for charging. WiFi and Bluetooth are onboard, and Ricoh has changed the controls to make the mode wheel more straightforward, among other things. There’s still no viewfinder, though, and the GR II’s pop-up flash has been removed.

That’s because Ricoh needed space for a bigger sensor. 24-megapixels, complete with 3-axis stabilization. It’s a big improvement, and goes some way to explaining the big price: $899.95 when the GR III lands in stores in March 2019.

Ricoh GR III camera samples:

All samples are JPEGs from the GR III itself. The only post-processing we’ve done is to resize them in the name of page load speed.

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