BlackBerry KEY2 Gallery

BlackBerry KEY2 Gallery

For a long time it looked like BlackBerry would topple into obscurity, but TCL has brought the beloved brand back from the brink. Latest in the line-up is this, the BlackBerry KEY2. Following the KEYone, it addresses a number of early complaints while making improvements to the QWERTY keyboard, among other things.

The keys are now higher and larger, with a matte finish for faster typing. A new Speed Key offers up to 52 shortcuts to apps, contacts, and other functions. You still get a fingerprint sensor integrated, along with flick typing and the ability to use the whole keyboard as a trackpad.

Above it is a 4.5-inch touchscreen, while on the back there’s the first dual-camera array on a BlackBerry phone. Here, it’s used for a lossless superzoom and portrait mode. Inside, courtesy of the Snapdragon 660, you’re looking at up to two days of battery life.

BlackBerry KEY2 camera samples:

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