Guy's homemade hoverbike is the real deal

Tired of hearing about hovering somethings or others that, at the end of the day, don't hover at all? Feeling a bit jaded? Colin Furze's latest creation will change all that — he has a homemade hoverbike, and it is exactly what it's said to be: a bike that hovers over the ground thanks to a lightweight metal frame and two big spinning (probably lethal) rotors.

Furze unveiled his crazy creation on YouTube today, calling it an "unhinged flying bike/human blender" that actually gets off the ground. Does it have safety features? No, no it does not. In fact, it doesn't even have steering or brakes. Good sense says not to try this at home. But still — it's a hover bike. Who can blame him? As he says, it "actually FLIES."

Furze says this is the first time he's ever tried to create a flying contraption, and he was certainly successful. The project was sponsored by Ford — but it's not a big secret how he did it. Fancy trying to make your own DIY flying bike? Furze has a trio of videos showing the development and creation process, the first of which is below:

Furze ended up making the bike due to popular demand — he says on one video that he had solicited feedback about what kind of "crazy mode of transportation" viewers wanted to see, and something that could fly was the overwhelming majority of the responses.