GuruPlug Server Plus doubts: overheating CPU, shonky software

Back in February we gazed with wide-eyed amazement at the GuruPlug Server Plus, a compact SheevaPlug-style embedded computer that managed to squeeze dual gigabit ethernet, eSATA and more into a wall-wart sized box.  Unfortunately, all that squeezing may have left the end result a little less than perfect; owner Willy Tarreau got in touch to let us know that his GuruPlug turned out to be not only running buggy software but, more worryingly, poorly and perhaps even dangerously constructed.

The software refused to connect via the ethernet interface, and then when finally working underperformed compared to similar processors to the Marvell 1.2GHz chip at the heart of the GuruPlug.  Meanwhile, the unit got painfully hot to the touch, which Tarreau narrowed down to insufficient cooling for the CPU.

Internal wires, too, were of poor quality and quickly snapped. Now, Tarreau's GuruPlug did show signs of having been tinkered with internally – the power supply has had its warranty sticker broken and a new one stuck over the top – possibly as part of a PSU replacement program that suppliers GlobalScale performed a few months back, but even so that doesn't explain the poor CPU heatsink.  We're reaching out to GlobalScale for official comment, but at first glance it looks like the GuruPlug Server Plus really might be too good to be true.