Gun camera tests

No, it's not a camera that shoots bullets or a gun that shoots cameras, it's a camera that mounts onto a gun that the Orange County Sheriff's department is getting to test. Albeit no the most pleasing task carrying around a gun that will record every shot you make, it could expose how poor your accuracy is, or worse yet show the real serial killer you are.

I honestly don't know what the purpose of this tech is on a day to day basis, unless they want to drive an office mad by making them watch their recent shooting victim slowly have the life leave their body. Other than that it will make YouTube a lot more interesting.

I reckon it could be useful in helping officers see who they were shooting at if the person gets away anyways, but other than that I don't see a practical use for cameras on the end of a barrel. Although the saying does go, justice is served at the end of a barrel, so maybe they just want to catch that on video for evidence.

Police testing gun camera [via boingboing]