Guitarbud lets you connect your guitar to your iPhone

As close as I come to playing a musical instrument is the occasional round of Rock Band. If you are a guitarist looking for an easier way to record your songs and jam sessions, using your iPhone or iPod touch the Guitarbud device is just what you need.

The Guitarbud is a cable that lets you connect your guitar directly to your iPhone or iPod touch and offers a headphone jack as well for private listening. Once connected your guitar playing can be recorded using various iPhone or iPod applications.

Once you are done playing you can send your music off to friends via email. The cable is six feet long and doesn't take up lots of space when you are on the road. The guitar plug is 1/4" and the headphone and iPhone plugs are 1/8". The cable requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and works on second gen iPod touch players with OS 3.0 installed.