Guitar Towel Warmer keeps your towels toasty

Towel warmers are typically thought of as a commodity for those with money to spare. That's a pretty apt evaluation, really because this Guitar Towel Warmer is certainly pricey.

This warmer will make your towels nice and toasty. It is nickel and gold finished and sports the shape of a guitar. It's a pretty cute idea and would be ideal for the serious guitar collector, rock and roll historian or maybe even a diehard Guitar Hero junkie.

But a word to the wise. This Guitar Towel Warmer will set you back a pretty penny with it retailing for between $2992.33 and $3022.56! I'd rather throw my towels in the dryer for five minutes that fork over that kind of cash for a gadget I'd probably never use!

[via Chip Chick]