Guitar Hero: World Tour screenshots show off new UI

With Guitar Hero: World Tour featuring four instruments, one has to wonder just how similar the UI is going to be to that other game with four instruments. Well Activision has released a few screenshots of their upcoming title, and I must say, it does look rather familiar.

I can't say that I blame them really. Realistically, you have to have three rows of vertically scrolling notes, and one row of horizontally scrolling words. Throw in a rock meter and you're set. Sure, they could have moved the vocals to the bottom and shifted the rock meter to the right, but I'm actually really glad they didn't.

We can guess from this that they are keeping individual score multipliers, though from the 1x up in the rock meter, I would guess that they have also chosen to apply star power to the overall score, rather than to the individual who activated it. I'm not for certain what the number below the score represents. My best guess is the note streak, similar to what we saw in GH: III.

[via Game|Life]