Guitar Hero Mobile - Yes, I'm serious

Guitar Hero is a great game, and I thought I'd never say that I wouldn't want another game in the series to be made. However, I'm really wondering how much enjoyment one would be able to get from a planned upcoming Guitar Hero title.

No, I'm not talking about Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, I've already played the demo and I'm thirsting for more. Activision has confirmed that they are working on a mobile version of the Guitar Hero series. It will be somewhat based off of Guitar Hero III,  only it's going to be for your cell phone.

There are plenty of games for you phone that are fun to kill time with. However, it looks as though they'll take everything that's fun about the games (rocking out with a guitar-shaped controller) and leave you with a tiny 3-button version. It will initially be available on Verizon Wireless phones with 15 tracks and an additional 3 tracks per month to those that subscribe.

Guitar Hero Mobile sneak peek: It rocks [via crave]