Guitar Hero III Mobile coming to BlackBerry – For Those About to Rock!

James Allan Brady - Apr 1, 2008, 12:46pm CDT

Hands-on Mobile and Magmic Games are the two companies that are partnered up in an effort to bring one of the best mobile games of all time to your BlackBerry. Being a primarily business oriented device the BlackBerry has been passed up on a lot of really cool mobile games, but this is one that you can mark off the list.

Personally I am just wondering if you’ll have access to all 5 frets or if they are sticking with the three frets that previous mobile versions have offered up. When you first download the game you’ll get 15 tracks including “Cherub Rock”, “Miss Murder”, “Monsters”, “Suck My Kiss”, and “Trippin On A Hole”.

Then each month they will offer up 3 more tracks that you can download and play. After a year there will be over 50 tracks available for download and up to 150 unique levels spread across 3 difficulties to play through. The game should be available on all 4 major mobile carriers by sometime this month.

[via GuitarHeroMobile]

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