Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Weekend - Meet your maker

Are you going to be rocking out to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock when it comes out? You know that I will. If you're looking for a good time and the chance to win some awesome prizes, Red Octane and Microsoft are putting together an entire weekend's worth of online rocking just for you.

The "Meet Your Maker" achievement is by far the most difficult to obtain. However, Friday November 2nd from 6-9PM EST there will be 11 different Red Octane devs online just waiting to kick your ass. There will also be a tournament, as well as many prizes given away throughout the weekend.

You'll need to head over to the official site to get signed up. All you have to do to win prizes is sign up and play online multiplayer GH III sessions. I'll be rocking out all weekend, so drop me a line with your Gamertag and I'll rock out with you.