Guitar Hero 5 for Wii debuts full SD streaming & loading

Guitar Hero 5 is set to be the first Wii game to offer full loading from SD card, with Activision promising SDHC streaming for the upcoming music title.  IGN sat down with the team to discuss the change, which will see over 800 songs together with audio quality, note data, album art, and any mo-cap triggers or song-specific displays fitting on a 32GB SD card.

The change will mean that Wii gamers have more capacity for downloaded content, together with quicker access.  Activision will be offering various single-track and album downloads for use with Guitar Hero 5, including supporting background downloads, as well as the ability to import content bought for Guitar Hero: World Tour and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (albeit with a small royalty fee imposed).

Best of all, this is not just a Guitar Hero 5 feature but something that, moving forward, Nintendo will be supporting for all games.  Rather than introduce an external hard-drive, as has been regularly hinted at, it seems the company is looking to instead use high-capacity (and falling cost) solid-state memory in the form of SDHC cards.