Guitar Hero 2 Tournament at GameStop

Karn Suriyasasin - Dec 9, 2006

Wow Wow Wow! Check this out guys (and gals, maybe?)!! GameStop is holding the tournament for one of the coolest games at this moment, the Guitar Hero 2. When? It will be on February 3, 2007 at selected GameStop stores. So, let’s practice and get your gear ready!!

There is not much information available at this tournament, but Gibson is listed as one of the sponsors. Though I don’t know what the prizes would be, there is a possibility that a REAL guitar will be included. Let’s cross our fingers.

To join the tournament, you must register at an actual store, but it seems that they haven’t announced yet which stores are actually hosting the events. The best way is perhaps to call your local store and check. I will post about this again when more information is available.

GameStop Hosts Mysterious Guitar Hero 2 Tournament [via kotaku]

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