Guardians of the Galaxy international trailer showcases more action

Guardians of the Galaxy arrives on August 1, and leading up to the release is yet another teaser trailer, this one launching internationally with over two minutes of clips and bits from the film. We've got the video for you after the jump.

This latest trailer gives a more extended look at the movie, and though there's nothing arguably spoiler-like about it, you might want to avoid it if you aren't terribly familiar with the premise. If you do check it out, be prepared for quite a bit of Rocket Raccoon.

The trailer is notably less comedic than past trailers for the movie, and seems to be targeted towards a wider-range of movie goers than the first round of videos. In it, we get a glimpse of romance, dramatic allusions to doom, and a touch of mystery.

The roster of characters are included, and viewers get a look at them in various states of action and seriousness. If you haven't already seen the other trailers, hit up the timeline below to check them out, then head on into our Movies tag portal for more movie news and trailers.