Guardians of the Galaxy: 8-bit Cinema version

It has become something of an honor for a movie to be turned into a pixelated rendition of its normal self, and we have seen many examples of this in the past thanks to the folks at CineFix. The Matrix, The Avengers, and many (many) more have been given an 8-bit makeover, some of them in the style of classic video games, others as merely classics-inspired truncated versions of the movies themselves. Joining them all is Guardians of the Galaxy.

CineFix dropped the video on its YouTube page on Tuesday. With it comes the video game-inspired design that we've come to know and love and the music to match. Star Lord kicks things off, vanquishing enemies and talking with dialog boxes.

Soon Groot and Rocket Raccoon enter, as well as the rest of the crew, and they work their way through fantastic pixelated worlds and buildings while mowing down enemies of all sorts. This is complemented with a task box telling the "gamers" to get a security pass, fake leg, and tower battery, as well.

Things take to space soon enough, and after nearly 3 minutes of action we see the final enemy vanquished, baby Groot dancing in his pot, and ultimate victory for the Guardians. Like what you see? Check out the timeline below to see other movies that have been turned into 8-bit videos.