GTA V timelapse video shows off game graphics from a different perspective

Time lapse videos are the calming peek at cities and situations from a perspective not available in the daily grind of life, showing large swaths of time in a few short seconds — rolling clouds, passing sun beams, and such. The Despicables Channel has taken this photographic art and used it in a rather interesting way, creating a time lapse video of Grand Theft Auto V's world of San Andreas.

The video falls in line with traditional time lapse videos, including soft background music that plays as the fictional world is shown off in panning and zooming lapses of time from different areas of the game. Traffic, nature, and everything in between (mostly, anyway) is highlighted, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

The video serves not only as an interesting look at the GTA V world, but also to highlight the exceptional graphics in modern video games. Details are aplenty, with textures, minutia, light patterns, and more. Though the time lapse video won't be mistaken for something taken in real life, it is still beautiful, and serves to appreciate the effort put into the finer elements of the game.

The folks responsible for the video created it using photographs of the game as generated by an Xbox 360, and reportedly spent a solid day assembling the video. Though it shows one game, it does open the mind up to other possibilities for what could prove to an emerging art medium of the future.

SOURCE: PetaPixel