GTA V PC Torrent strikes unlucky thieves in the wild

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently in production. There is no final version out in the wild, nor is there a way for you to download this game for the PC in any way at all – it simply does not exist. That fact hasn't stopped a seemingly large amount of unknowledgeable thieves in the wild, though, as several GTA:V torrents have appeared with big downloads: one in particular bringing on some real dangerous heat.

There's an 18GB torrent in the wild called "GTA V PC Torrent" that's ready to bring the downloader one massively unhealthy collection of malware. This collection of hacking bits and pieces seems especially legitimate, unfortunately – tricking users galore with an installer and a setup file (that's the 18GB) that'll bring the user to a variety of survey sites.

Rest easy, users, you'll never have to perform a survey to install any version of Grand Theft Auto. Even the stolen versions that eventually (inevitably) do appear some time in the next year – never trust a setup that has you do extra work to gain the source cash.

ABOVE: an image of the torrent unboxed. You do not want to see this sort of screen when you're installing any legitimate software – remember that.

Of course you're never going to want to download an illegal torrent anyway, and the final version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming to enough sources quickly that it'll certainly be in your best interests to purchase rather than steal. For now, please be cautious and keep away from the downloads. Just keep repeating the following to yourself: "there is no PC GTAV, there is no PC GTAV".