GTA Online stimulus cash heads to early adopters as Title Update fixes game

Supposing you're a Grand Theft Auto fan and you've not gotten onboard with GTA 5 and the Grand Theft Auto Online universe yet, Rockstar Games is pushing an initiative today that'll have you thinking twice. Done specifically because of the collection of server errors that appeared at launch with this online version of the game, Rockstar is making with some cash deposits in online citizens banks. Made in installments of $250,000, all players of the game online will be given a total of $500,000 total – half a million bucks – for the trouble they likely went through when they logged on in the first place.

The in-game economy for Grand Theft Auto V's Online environment is something Rockstar is also watching very closely. With this push for cash, users wont be getting a big drop of money all at once just to be careful. (Though the difference between $250k and $500k all at once wont be too big of a deal for some of the more fanatical players, of course.) And this cash wont be going to just anyone, mind you.

Players who played Grand Theft Auto Online at any point since launch and through October of 2013 will qualify for this in-game cash sum. Anyone who starts playing after October will be out of luck. Rockstar will be making an announcement when the cash is set to be distributed, and we'll be sure to let you know here on SlashGear the moment they do, of course.

You'll be seeing these cash sums appear in-game in GTA Online bank accounts. You will also need to download Update 1.04 to the game before any cash can be deposited. In this way, this cash also acts as a sort of incentive to get yourself up to the most modern software build so everyone can have a smooth ride from this point forward. This GTAV Title Update will be appearing soon, and is expected to fix remaining issues with vehicle loss as well.