GTA Online gets Freemode Events update next week

Rockstar Games has announced the Freemode Events update will be coming to GTA Online next week on September 15. The maker calls Freemode Events "a new advancement" when it comes to open world gameplay. The update will bring seamlessly integrated activities, says Rockstar, pushing gamers directly into the chaos sans lobbies, waiting for the game to load, menus, and other things. One will jump right into Freemode and be presented with different challenges and games as they start playing.

In a statement today, Rockstar Games said the GTA Online Freemode Events update will be available starting September 15. The company dropped a trailer to tease the upcoming update, which you can watch for yourself below. In case it's not obvious, gamers can personalize the Freemode session so they'll be presented with the type of games/challenges they want, rather than any of them.

These new experiences will give gamers a chance to earn GTA$ and RP, says Rockstar; in addition, every Freemode Event is said to have "countless variations", making for a seemingly endless unique experience. One such event is King of the Castle, where you can fight the current turf king to take over the "castle" for yourself.

There's also Hunt the Beast where you can turn into a bigger, faster character who is being pursued by other gamers; or, alternatively, you can be one of the people pursuing the beast. Joining the new events are also random challenges you might receive, things that will prod you to do things like an aerial stunt in a certain type of vehicle.

The GTA Online update will also add a pair of new Adversary Modes: Cross the Line, where a pair of teams battle across neutral land while one from each faction tries to infiltrate the other; and Hunting Pack, where you'll need to deliver a vehicle while keeping it above a certain speed and avoiding attacks from other gamers.

SOURCE: Rockstar