GTA Online adds Go-kart battle Kart Krash: Full Auto in latest update

This week the folks responsible for making GTA Online a never-ending bash-fest of updates released Kart Krash: Full Auto. This update to the game includes a whole bunch of other features that might've otherwise been in the headline, but really, a weaponized go-kart mode in GTA Online takes the cake. This new mode is playable in teams or as "free-for-alls" with Double GTA$ and RP all this week.

If you jump in on Kart Krash: Full Auto in GTA Online this week, you'll get 2x GTA$ and RP for winning. This new mode includes calls to mount a machine gun to the front of a Dinka Veto so that you might "let loose on your rivals." Per the folks behind the game's latest update: "Go-karts are wonderful inventions: like cars, but smaller, and with less stringent safety regulations."

Above you'll see the GTA Network demonstrating new GTA Online Kart Krash gameplay. Below you'll see a bit more from astralslate – that's some very basic gameplay, raw and uncut.

The Diamond Casino & Resort puts said Dinka Veto Modern on the podium this week, too. There'll be Lucky Wheel spins for GTA$, RP, clothing, "mystery prizes", and the Dinka Veto Modern. There'll be a "free spin" available between now and August 25, 2021.

Test Rides this week at the LS Car Meet's Test Track include the Vulcar Warrener HKR, the brand-new Pfister Growler, and the unreleased Karin Sultan RS Classic. The Pfister Growler can also be purchased from Legendary Motorsport.

Bonuses of 2X GTA$ and RP are also included with Convenience Store Robberies. The same is true of Auto Shop owners who return cars on the Exotic Exports List, with extra bonus payments for completing the entire list. You'll need to see the blackboard in your Auto Shop's upstairs to see said list.