GTA IV's Statue of Happiness and Hillary Clinton

Anyone who has picked up the latest GTA might have seen the Statue of Happiness. Many have wondered if it wasn't created to look like Hillary Clinton, which any gamer knows is no friend to gamers. Due to her effort against violent video games, that is unless you are perfectly content to play slightly less violent games. Which would be absolutely no one who has played GTA.

I find it a little more funny that the actual physical statue that Rockstar created doesn't look anything like the one in GTA. I'm also guessing that it doesn't say the same thing either since some think the one in the game might have something to do with Hillary as well. The actual physical one has "GTA IV MMVIII", Scott happened to get the statue with his copy of GTA IV. He was kind enough to take a gander at it for me and said it was very different.

Which means if the statue were made to look like Hillary, they did it specifically for GTA IV. Scott and I debated a little over whether it does look like Hillary. I think the cheekbones, nose and the lines of the statues' smile are very similar. I also think that the statue has that same slightly vacant look behind its eyes that Hillary also features. Some people just don't connect with cameras well.

[via gamepolitics]