GTA 5's Online mode gets limited time discounts and bonuses

Grand Theft Auto 5 developer Rockstar Games has announced a new limited time event for the popular GTA Online game mode. Over the next two weeks, players are being treated to a number of in-game discounts and bonuses, giving them the chance to earn extra currency and purchase items at reduced prices. Think of it as GTA Online's own two-week long Black Friday sale.

From now until June 12th, players are being awarded double GTA$ and RP for all Special Vehicle Missions, and an extra 25% GTA$ on all Biker Business Sales and Special Cargo Deliveries. On top of all this, the game's various merchants are offering 25% to 50% off some of the most desired items, including vehicles, Executive Offices, and ammo.

Here's the full list of what's available during the limited time discount:


- Body Armor (25% off)

- All Ammo (25% off)

- Box/Drum Magazines (50% off)

- Luxury Finishes (50% off)


- Yachts (all models & model upgrades) (25% off)

- Yacht Modifications (50% off)

Dynasty 8 Executive

- Executive Offices (25% off)

- Executive Office Garages & Garage Mod Shop (25% off)

- Executive Office Renovations (Garage Mod Shop included) (50% off)

Elitas Travel

- Luxor Deluxe (50% off)

- Swift Deluxe (50% off)

Warstock Cache & Carry

- Imponte Ruiner 2000 (both prices) (25% off)

- Coil Rocket Voltic (both prices) (25% off)

- Rhino Tank (25% off)

- HVY Insurgent Pick-Up (both prices) (25% off)

- Buckingham Valkyrie (both prices) (25% off)

- Brute Armored Boxville (both prices) (25% off)

From now until May 29th the game's featured races are the Steeplechase Premium Race and the Del Perro Pier Time Trial. Between May 30th and June 5th these will change to Ascent Premium Special Vehicle Race and Observatory Time Trial.

More than likely this special sales event to build excitement for the recently announced Gunrunning update, due for release sometime in June. Rockstar hasn't revealed many details, other than that the expansion will be "massive," but it's sure to benefit from an increased player base as a result of the next two weeks.

SOURCE Rockstar Games