GTA 5 free from Epic right now: Cheat codes revisited

Today we're taking a peek at Grand Theft Auto V (aka GTA V, or Grand Theft Auto 5), as it's released for free on the Epic Games Store temporarily. This game was originally released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, as well as desktop via Windows, with a release date of September 17, 2013. Now, 7 years later, the game was given a temporary "free" release window on the Epic Games Store for Windows PC.

Below you'll see the original Grand Theft Auto V Trailer from November of the year 2011. It seems like only yesterday we were first dropping in on this strange, comedic, and often times exceedingly disturbing universe. This video – this specific video on YouTube – was put on hundreds if not thousands of YouTube users' "recommended" viewing lists approximately 3 weeks ago – coincidence? I think not.

Once you come to terms with the fact that the Epic Games Store is down if you're reading this article on May 14, 2020, you'll probably store this article away for later perusal. When you come back, when you've got the Epic Games Store and GTAV downloaded in full, you'll want to take a peek at the list of cheat codes for the game we've gathered down below.

These are the latest codes for the game just put on Epic Games Store for free for a limited time – assuming their store ever comes back online. These codes are very similar to – and in most cases, identical to – codes you might've used in earlier iterations of Grand Theft Auto V. Here during global pandemic, quarantine, and the end of one of the strangest school years of all time, it's a GOOD time to take a break with some entertainment that's only afforded to you in an open world game like GTA V, complete with full access to all the super codes for ultimate leisure.

To use these codes on your PC, you'll need to tap the "~" key on a US keyboard (QUERTY) or the "¬" key on a keyboard from the UK. Generally this is the key on your keyboard that appears immediately to the left of you number 1, and/or just below your "ESC" key. Once you've tapped this button, you'll need only type a command in all CAPS, and tap ENTER.

• GOTGILLS / Swim super fast!

• CATCHME / Super fast running!

• TURTLE / Maxed-out health, armor

• HOPTOIT / Jump super high!

• PAINKILLER / Supermode – Invincibility

• POWERUP / Special ability recharge

• SLOWMO / Slow...motion

• SNOWDAY / Oh god everything is slippery

• FLOATER / Affect gravity!

• MAKEITRAIN / Affect weather!

• LAWYERUP / Lower wanted level

• SKYFALL / Good luck to you!

• SKYDIVE / Get a parachute

• DEADEYE / Slow-Motion Aiming

Weapon codes – these codes affect what you've got on your person. Rounds, mostly. Get all your weapons, get all your ammo, get stocked up.

• INCENDIARY / Flame Rounds

• HOTHANDS / Explosive Melee Attacks (PUNCH!)

• HIGHEX / Explosive Rounds

• TOOLUP / All Ammo, All Weapons!

Vehicle codes – entered the same as any other cheat code. Here you'll get whichever vehicle's listed beside the cheat code.

• EXTINCT / Dodo Airplane

• BUBBLES / Kraken Sub

• DEATHCAR / Duke O'Death Car!

• BARNSTORM / Stunt Plane for great justice!

• FLYSPRAY / Farmer duster airplane

• BUZZOFF / Helicopter

• ROCKET / Shitzy PCJ 600

• OFFROAD / Maibatsu Sanches


• TRASHED / Garbage Truck!

• VINEWOOD / That sweet stretch limo

• RABIDGT / The Rapid GT vehicle – who knew?

• COMET / You guessed it!

• HOLEIN1 / Caddy time!

Once you start using these codes, there's really no going back. No returning to a time when you didn't get to just roll over all your enemies and trash the entire city at your leisure. Don't say we didn't warn you!