GSMK make your chit-chat hush-hush

Valentine's day is always tricky.  You want to set up some elaborate celebration for your girlfriend, but that bitch wife of yours is threatening to derail the whole day.  Wire-tapping, following your car, even having you shot by ex-SAS warriors, nothing is too extreme for her.  Well, GSMK can't help with the latter two, but if it's secure conversation on your cellphone you're after then give them a shout.

The CryptoPhone G10i is a modified HTC StarTrek upgraded to encrypt your conversations using 256-bit AES and Twofish technology.  GSMK are promising not only full security with no backdoors, but to release the sourcecode for independent review should you still doubt their credentials. 

The G10i costs around $2,080, and there are satellite phone and landline options should you be so inclined.  It'd be cheaper not to marry her in the first place.

GSMK [via I4U News]