GSLO applies to Apple MFi program for Peel 520

You might remember that Peel 520 device that we talked about a while back that promises to turn your iPod touch into a phone capable of sending and receiving texts and making voice calls. I honestly thought Apple would not like the idea of that device because it might make people not want to buy the iPhone.

GSLO has announced that it is applying to the Apple MFi program that allows the company to license Apple tech and use the Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad logos on the device. The 520 plugs into the iPod touch using the docking connector.

I am not sure if Apple will be included to grant the company a license considering that the iPhone is the bread and butter of Apple right now and amounts for such a huge part of what Apple is worth. The Peel 520 is undeniably cool and I hope it gets the certification. Do you think Apple will approve of the device?