Grubhub announces ride-sharing service named Grüber [April Fools]

A couple of decades ago, not a lot of people were concerned with the likes of global warming, and the effects that burning fossil fuels had on the environment. Sure, some people were concerned, but it wasn't the major issue that we're seeing today. And because it's such a big problem, we need to work on ways to cut back our carbon footprint. One company has come up with a clever ride-sharing program that is so genius, that you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of it.

I live in a college town, so I see a lot of delivery drivers out and about. After all, why go pick up a pizza, when you can get it delivered straight to your door? Well, since those drivers are headed to places all over the city, why not utilize them as a service for transporting people, as well as food? Well that's exactly what Grubhub wants to do.

The new service, dubbed Grüber (a name which is strikingly similar to Groupon's Groüber service, which they launched on the same day last year), is aimed at providing a means of alternative transportation. The concept is simple. You'll use the standard Grubhub app to summon a ride, and just like Uber or Lyft, you'll be matched up with a driver that's nearby, and headed in the vicinity of your destination.

The most genius part of the plan is that when you get into the car, you'll be greeted by the delightful scents of the food your driver is about to deliver. Plus, on those cold winter days, your seat will be pre-warmed by that very same food. And since the driver is already heading to a nearby destination, Grubhub is able to keep fares very reasonable. Uber and Lyft will need to step up their game, if they're going to be able to compete with these prices and features.