Grovemade makes desktop accessories classy with wood, leather

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 20, 2014
Grovemade makes desktop accessories classy with wood, leather

Grovemade wants your desktop to exceed mere usefulness and enter the realm of classy. To achieve this, it has introduced a lineup of products made of wood, leather, and machined aluminum, crafting them into desktop accessories that make an impression.

Among the products is a monitor stand, which features a wooden platform for use with either large monitors or with laptops that need a bit of elevating. As you can see in the image above, there’s also a wrist pad for use with a keyboard, as well as a keyboard tray that includes some storage for small images.

The mouse pad is made of leather, while there are other accessories for the desk crafted from wood — some tiny pots for little plants, a pen holder, a dish for things like paperclips or thumbtacks, and more. There’s also an intriguing Maple Desk Lamp, which is a wood base with a radio tube bulb, giving it a retro feel.

Items are made using Black Oregon Walnut and Eastern Hardrock Maple, and each is sold separately for the other. The lamp is priced at $79, the smaller plant pot at $29, the mouse pad at $59, the monitor stand at $79, and the keyboard tray at $59. Hit up the company’s website for a full list of product prices.

SOURCE: Digital Trends

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